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Kim Laube Curves Ahead Trimmer Kit While Quantities Last!!!


  • Model: 324


4 Comb Sizes for any styling needs
14 Blade sizes avaiable
Direct Drive - Rotary Motor
5-Year Limited motor warranty
No memory batteries - Nickel metal hydride
Light weight andd ergonomic
Easy to handle, Only 7" Small

Professional Kit Includes:
Curves Ahead Trimmer Handpiece
Blade brush
Blade Oil
Carrying Case (with cradles)
4 Sizes of combs
(1) comb leaves 1/8" cut 3mm
(1) comb leaves 1/4" cut 6mm
(1) comb leaves 3/8" cut 9mm
(1) comb leaves 1/2" cut 12mm

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 20 August, 2011.

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