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MICROMED-Finger - the original


Revolution in the field of dental cleaning for the dog

The BioAktiv Hemosfiber we use comprises about 12,000 times more fibers than a toothbrush contains bristles. This creates a considerably larger surface. While conventional tooth bristles have only little contact with plaque the specially developed fibers penetrate the plaque layer by the hundreds and bind it to them. Therefore, when cleaning with this fiber, toothpaste and other chemical additives will be completely unnecessary.
  • Reduces abrasive and capillary coating
  • "Controllable" by one`s own feeling
  • Absorptive for all coating
  • BioAktiv Hemosfiber - Íko-Tex Standard 100
  • Better pressure optimization when cleaning and massaging
  • For cleaning no use of chemical additives
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • Recommended by veterinary
  • The MICROMED finger has a flexible fit
    and is for every finger size.

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