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Vellus Wondergel 4 oz.


Vellus Wonder Gel is your secret weapon to boost volume, create touchable texture and enhance shine in a lightweight humidity resistant formula!

Truly wonderful, Vellus Wonder Gel was customized to provide amazing style retention that is flexible and moves naturally. Infused with pure essential oils known to nourish, strengthen and support a healthy coat. Vellus Wonder Gel was created to:

  • boost volume
  • create touchable texture
  • provide structure to the coat
  • give impressive style retention
  • never stiff
  • never tacky
  • no flaking
  • never builds up
  • eases detangling

For use on all coat types that need that extra body and hold, some added texture and amazing style retention. Can be used on wet or dry coats!

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 15 April, 2017.

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