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Magic Touch Grooming Spray RTU 16 oz. Formula #2


Magic Touch Grooming Spray Magic Touch Grooming Spray Tested and used by many of the nation's leading professional dog show handlers. Crown Royale Magic Touch is the ultimate finishing spray for the dog. It imports a natural brilliance without that greasy feel. Coat brushes in place with fantastic ease, doesn't snarl and is totally static free. Crown Royale Magic Touch is formulated with conditioners and silicones to keep coat from matting. Magic Touch may also be used daily to keep your house dog's coat in glorious condition at all times. You can use Magic Touch again and again without any significant build up in your dog's coat. Not like other grooming sprays containing silicones, the emulsifier used in Magic Touch enables the grooming spray to be shampooed out of your dog's coat with ease.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 February, 2006.

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